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Rosun was established in 2002, and has been committed to high-end environmental disinfection products and personal care products and water treatment chemicals, and dosing equipment R & D, production and sales, while providing environmental protection engineering design, construction, chemicals supply, equipment supply, professional maintenance. Products related to drinking water disinfection of residents, domestic sewage treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, animal disinfection and high-end disinfection care six product areas.Rosun has an independent R & D center and high-quality scientific research personnel. In the past 18years, Rosun get totally 159 intellectual property, and has obtained the awards of National High-tech Technology Enterprise; Outstanding Innovation Award in Scientific and Technological Achievements of Enterprises and Eleventh Five-Year Plan Promotion Project of National Ministry of Construction.The company has sales network all over the country. The products are exported to USA,Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco and other countries. It has become the first cross-sector enterprise in China that involves in disinfection and environmental protection.


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