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Shanghai Zhensheng Sports Goods Co., Ltd. was established in 2008.Focusing on the provision of international trade development integration solutions.Providing professional solutions on sports goods in China.Providing one-stop sourcing service to reduce your purchasing costs.Professional product packaging design to enhance the added value of your sales. We have a perfect quality assurance system. Professional quality management system ensures customers satisfaction.We have professional designer, sales and after-sale supporters who are ready to serve you.A team with sustainable development vitality.Our vision is to provide the most professional sporting goods solutions in China mainland. Some of the main products: Yoga: Yoga ball, yoga mat, yoga roller etc. provide aerobic exercise Fitness: Fitness products provide anaerobic exercise and burn fat. Therapy: massage ball, massage stick and massage roller etc. help to relieve muscle sore, strain and pains, stimulate body circulation. Running: Running products provide anaerobic exercise and burn fat. Sports: Professional soccer ball, basketball and volleyball for training and match.

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