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"Guangzhou Snimay Home Co.,Ltd.Established in 2003, Guangzhou Snimay Home Co. Ltd is located in Panyu District. With 2 factories in Guangzhou and 1 factory in Hubei, Snimay shares an area of nearly700000㎡. By now, there are more than 1200 Snimay exclusive shops over China. As one of the leading brands of customized furniture in China , Snimay all categories of products like wardrobe,kitchen cabinet, door &window ,bed &mattress,sofa, tea table, table&chair, curtain, floor,ceiling, kitchen appliances .We combine 020 with AI Integrated Decoration, which form a ecological pattern of diversified and all-around Big Home. Under the guidance of the development strategy of New Channel •Big Home, Snimay is developing rapidly. In order to improve marketing power, Snimay signed Haiqing, a super star known as Chinese daughter-in-law, as spokeper- son. Besides, Snimay was invested by hongta Group, Red Star Macalline, and Easyhome for further development in the times of whole house and vaste-commerce.With an aim to be a model brand of Chinese green home customization, Snimay started to cooperate with Salama, atransnational Group, on fabricated cabin+one stop environmental home customization, which boost the development of Big Home Business in China."


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