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Thomas Sanders Sides Framed Photographic Print Add a touch of Thomas Sanders to your home with this gallery quality framed photographic print. All prints are printed one at a time on durable products and shipped to you directly from independent artists.A Side is an aspect of a character - such as Patton’s morality, Roman’s romantic creativeness or Virgil’s logical side. They have magical abilities, such as Perception Distortion and Daydream Mode, which requires permission from the whole to use.Puzzles In each episode, Thomas vlogs about a particular topic or dilemma. He then uses his Sides to address the issue and come up with a solution. The Sides are physical-mental projections of his personality and represent different aspects of his character.Each Side has a variety of powers, which differ depending on the Side and its role within Thomas’ life. For example, Logan embodies Thomas’ logical side while Roman represents his romantically creative side. Roman also has the ability to shapeshift into non-human animate entities, such as the frog he used during his video on Putting Others First – Selfishness vs. Selflessness Redux.