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Stuffed Unicorns and Unicorn Plush If you're looking for a stuffed unicorn that's sure to make your horse fanatic smile then we've got just what you need. Our stuffed unicorns and plush unicorns are all about fantasy, ensuring horses everywhere get their shine back!Our unicorn plush toys come in a variety of colors and eye styles, so you're sure to find the perfect one.Never Let A Unicorn Series The Never Let A Unicorn Series of Unicorn Plush is a fun and creative way for children to learn about unicorns. The books are easy to read and contain colorful illustrations that will engage and entertain kids!In this book, you'll find out what a unicorn is and why it's so magical. The story includes fun tidbits about unicorns like their scientific name: betterthan horsicus, their super long life span, and their horns which are used for everything from doughnut holders to tent poles!A six-year-old first-grader from a small town in California decided to ask her local animal control department for permission to keep a unicorn in her backyard. After several weeks, she received a response from animal control director Marcia Mayeda. She praised her for "having a sense of responsible pet ownership and seeking approval in advance."