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The term of Utmost® herewith is introduced to stand for highly-qualified work, first- class products, bold enough spirit to try, and endless pursuit of perfection. And behind the name of Utmost®, it is a professionalized manufacturer of control valves and auto-control equipments, who has undergone the past ten years through a partner of world famous valve brand and the after service center to a competitive company with her own brand Utmost Flow Control Tech (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Combined with design ,machining, assembling .reforming and commissioning experience, so far has grown into a control valve manufacturer who integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, services, and technology Certification of New Hi-tech Enterprises. Throughout the designing, model selection, production and processing of each Utmost control valve, shows an attitude, together with a belief constantly towards perfect and sophisticated production.Our control valve offerings are: single-seat control valve, sleeve valve, angle valve, three- way valve, temperature control valve, bellow sealing valve, self-regulating valve, and etc.; for which, a full selection of materials including carbon steel, stainless steel, heat resisting steel, alloy steel. Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy alloy are on offer; actuators are both on electric and pneumatic options; and the inside nominal diameter ranges between DN15(l/2”) and DN600(24”), with nominal pressure from PN16(ANSI150) to PN400(ANSI2500). Utmost owned a complete process line from machining, assembling and testing process. Every Utmost designed product with good performance of high or low temperature, corrosion and high pressure resistance. Guaranteed by High Precision machining level and strict quality control system, high quality Utmost* control valve can be adopted under any tough operating conditions.