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Xi’an Dingmu was founded in Xi’an China in the year 2005, Dingmu has emerged as one of the top glassware manufacturing and marketing business in the Xi’an over the last 15 years. Xi’an Dingmu is known for our competitive pricing and focuses on manufacturing quality glassware products.At present, Xi’an Dingmu deals in glassware design, product research, glassware production, product customization(ODM), glassware design and manufacture. There are more things, which we also design and manufacture of outer packaging, inventory and sales records will be computerized, pay attention to the application of material of new-style environmental protection and much more. Furthermore, Dingmu puts a great deal of emphasis on sustainability and customer service as well. Dingmu has been accredited the coveted FSC and ISO certification.The company provides customers with products related to glass and also offers progressive, high quality and personalized glassware for several industries. We have a wide range of companies in clientele such as Primark, Tchibo, KAWAJUN, Loblaws and much more. Dingmu puts focus on the quality of production, uses strict quality inspection system and the products are checked thoroughly for quality, and after obtaining clearance and then they are handed over to our clients, so Dingmu earned fame and reputation Dingmu earned fame and reputation.At Dingmu, we provide over 200 new products to meet the need of markets every year. In our excellent research and development department, five assigned designers who have nearly 10 years in the field of glassware manufacturing . We are proud to offer new glassware,unique design and production that push what is expected.