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Since cats are natural hunters, those who move quickly from the red dots can satisfy their hunting instincts. But a 200mw green laser price is "bad" for pets? Read this article.The astronomical laser pointer throws out bright red spots, moving at different speeds and changing direction quickly. Since cats are natural hunters, those who move the red dots will satisfy their hunting instincts. Unlike many toys, which have cat claws in the same old place, the laser pointer can be directed in different directions (up, down, round or round). For your cat, this seems like a real catch. Anything that moves and has a certain color will definitely make a predator appear in any cat. Whether the cat chooses to hunt, sew or simply look at it, curiosity leads to long periods of play and exercise. Why are cats so much like laser pens?Don't let the laser pointer become your only cat toy. You need a range of toys, such as wand toys, that your cat can lean and catch. During the play, please bring along some plush toys that your cat can easily grab or paste. You can even put some food in some toys for a return. From time to time, let the laser's red dots fall on one of the other toys and watch your cat catch it. Make sure you hold the toy firmly before you get out of the light. Do not direct the light directly to your cat's eyes. Doing so can seriously hurt your pet's eyes! When your cat's hunting needs and safety considerations use a cheap red laser pointer, I'm sure you and your pet will enjoy this fun and simple toy. Why do cats find these red dots irresistible? Recently, when I visited my neighbor, I first saw a cat made entirely with a laser pointer. The neighbor and his cat, the sunset, under the shed. When I came along, I heard laughter, and saw the sun go down. Obviously, the excitement of the excitement, the sunset did better, caught the little red light. I can hardly say which ones are most interesting: my neighbor or his cat. Are laser pens harmful to cats? Everyone does not agree that the duration of the 3000mw laser pointer is good for pets. Her biggest fear is that action consultant Marilyn kriging (Marie Krieger said) (" cat coach "), the laser pointer can't let the cat content to "capture", because they never really grasped the red moving point. 'it could be unbelievable for cats,' Mr. Krieger said. His focus is valid, but you should know that as long as you follow some important guidelines, the timing of the laser pointer can be fun and warm to your cat. Guide to laser pen group The laser source for the project is a cheap and powerful laser buyer. In addition to easy access, the circuit is designed so that the red laser pointer is not damaged and can be used for other experiments. Since this is an entry-level circuit, the cost of the transceiver has been reduced to about 20 euros, and the cost of the transmitter is about 10 euros (not including the laser pointer). The 800 nm laser won't really be "red." They will be invisible. The human eye is as high as 740nm, usually a healthy young man with good eyesight. Even at 700nm, the laser pointer flashes in the red view, depending on the focal length and power behind it. The main purpose of military laser pens is to point. In classrooms, board meetings, construction sites and interior design, green laser pens can be lighter and more flexible than human hands. Most lasers can be seen indoors and in low light, while powerful green and blue laser pointer can be seen even in direct sunlight. The miniature laser pen is especially suitable for indoor use, but often lacks the power of outdoor application.The laser is a little "Charlie". All he did was focus. Flashlight lighting, as the original targeting device, can be used to signal. Remember, you don't need a flashlight night. Go into a dark room on a sunny day and you'll be blind for a while, and the laser won't help you.Usually, the beam of the laser beam is measured by a beam analyzer. On the other hand, the green laser pen only needs to press a button, and the victim's eyes are flashing by attracting public attention to the hazard of the laser pointer. We must have laser Pointers banned. A laser beam with a narrow beam of light is used to make a laser pointer. The small beam width and low power of a typical astronomy laser pointer make the beam itself invisible in a fairly clean atmosphere, showing only the points of light only by hitting the opaque surface. Some of the higher power laser Pointers are projected through the diffusion of dust particles or droplets along the path of the beam. Due to Rayleigh scattering from the air molecules, larger and higher frequency green or blue laser can even produce visible light beam in the clean air, especially when observed under conditions of light light to illuminate. When you look at the beams from a nearby point of view, the intensity of the diffusion increases, the axis of the beam. This kind of pointer, especially in the range of green light output, is used as a pointer to astronomical objects for teaching purposes. Whatever the occasion, this purple laser pointer can still give you an efficient experience, so what are you waiting for? Just take action. Because we have all kinds of pointer star laser Pointers, we can seize the opportunity. The laser pointer is actually an acronym that amplifies the light through the stimulated emission and actually summarizes how they work well. There are many different types of lasers, but they all share some common characteristics.Laser Pointers are used in a wide range of applications. Green laser pens can also be used in amateur astronomy. Due to Rayleigh scattering and dust in the air, the green laser is visible at night, allowing someone to report individual stars to others nearby. In addition, these green laser pens are usually used by astronomers around the world for star parties or astronomical meetings. The astronomical laser pointer is also usually mounted on a telescope to aim the telescope at the star or specific position. It is easier to aim for laser gloves than to aim with eyepiece.Laser pens can be used for hiking or outdoor activities. A high powered laser pointer is bright enough to scare large wildlife, making it a useful tool for hiking and camping. In this case, a laser pointer can also be used as a practical survival tool, as it can be used for signal relief in an emergency under the conditions of the day and night, and in extreme distance. https://www.kitlaser.com/the-laser-pen-tip-be-arrogant.html https://www.kitlaser.com/civilization-uses-a-camera-and-laser-pen.html