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With the mission of "achieving plastic-free earth and protecting the natural ecological environment", the Zhiben Technology Group is a large group enterprise focusing on r&d, production and application of environment-friendly plant fiber materials. Since its establishment, the company has been making a strategic layout with a global perspective, continuously integrating resources in the field of ecological and environmental protection, gathering China's top r&d and technical talents, and establishing an industry-leading production management system. After years of rapid development, Zhiben Technology has established a full-supply chain model with the application of plant fiber materials as the core, providing one-stop solutions for customers from the aspects of raw material supply, equipment customization, a product design consulting, processing and production, storage and logistics, technology, after-sales service and so on.• For better practice mission, ZHIBEN set up five core business sectors: precision molding, universal molding, molding equipment, plant fiber, plant fiber, from front-end design production to back-end providing consumers with an eco-friendly lifestyle, ZHIBEN group strategy of ecological carrier is gaining momentum, setting sail for the human survival environment.


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