25G SFP28

GrenTech 25G SFP28 optical transceiver includes 25G SR, 25G LR, 25G BIDI, 25G CWDM, 25G DWDM, and has the small-batch delivery capability of 25G MWDM and 25G LWDM with top adjustable function.  They have advantage of stable performance, low power consumption, high reliability and wide compatibility which mainly use in 5G front-haul, data center and 25G Ethernet. Contact GrenTech for more 25g transceiver and 25g sfp28 price info!


Features & Benefits of 25G SFP28


1. Photoelectric chip adopts mainstream chip, with stable performance and good reliability.


2. Sufficient thermal simulation is applied in the structure design to effectively reduce the power consumption.


3. Complete solutions in 5G front-haul applications.