Electric Violin

Kinglos electric violin pursues unique modelling creativity and rich colours, which makes the violin possess vitality and more appealing. Kinglos electric violin has beginner Series, advanced Series and professional Series, suitable for all violin enthusiasts. With the world’s leading pickups. The sound of the violin is restored to the greatest extent, low noise, balanced and bright sound quality. Makes the stage performance very contagious. kinglos electric violins are designed for that specific stage, but also equipped for life in the studio, Every electric violin is handmade, every step is carefully carved by the luthier, and every process is checked. Every violin in your hand is tuned,  finally packaged and shipped.


Are Electric Violins Good For Beginners?

Many people think that beginners must buy an acoustic violin to learn the violin. Their reason is that the acoustic violin allows beginners to better master the tone of the violin. There is some truth to this, but it is based on the fact that the electric violin is not enough to simulate the correct tone of the violin. Kinglos tells you that beginners must use the electric violin to learn, the reasons are as follows:


1. The kinglos electric violin uses high-quality pickups, which almost perfectly restore the sound of the violin, and its excellent handmade workmanship and professional assembly are better than ordinary The beginner acoustic violin has better sound quality and brighter tone, allowing beginners to master the tone of the violin faster.


2. Since the sound produced by beginners practicing the violin is noisy to others, the electric violin also has a function that cannot be replaced by acoustic violin. Anyone can practice as they please, and be able to enjoy the practice quietly and alone is also the core issue of whether beginners can persist in practicing the violin.


To sum up, I highly recommend that beginners choose high-quality electric violin as the first practice violin, especially the kinglos electric violin.