3D Exterior Rendering Services


The 3d architectural exterior rendering is the relationship between building materials and structures. It is a display of 3d exterior view before the construction of the buildings, which can show the beauty of buildings in a variety of environments at different periods of time. It can accurately display the physical structure of the building and show the designer’s concept through 3d exterior visualization as much as possible.


There are various drawing methods for outdoor realistic architectural rendering, such as traditional hand-painting and modern CG three-dimensional renderings. The final purpose and function will be highly unified, “perfectly show people what’s going to be built”. As a reputable 3d exterior rendering company, RGB-A provides high quality 3d exterior home rendering services, with low price to help reduce the estimated cost for our customers.


FAQ Of 3D Exterior Rendering Services

How long does 3D exterior rendering take?

Normally, our general turnaround time of exterior and interior rendering services is 7 days. For rush service, we can complete renderings in 5 days without lowering the quality


What software will you need to produce exterior renderings?

We do the model work with 3D max, render the image with Vray or Corona and do the postproduction work with photoshop.


What format of 3D model do you need from the client?

RGB-A, one of the reliable 3d visualisation companies, can work with various formats of 3d model from the client, such as Rhino, Revit, 3DS, DWG, Sketchup, 3DS, etc. However, we could not use the client’s model directly for our rendering, and we need to re-do the model work in format of 3D max our rendering engine requires according to the client’s model.


How do you ensure your rendering quality?

We have set up our own internal quality control. For each of projects, we will assign a professional rendering supervisor who will be in charge of entourage placement, overall light setting, material setting, and check-up on rendering quality at each round to ensure consistent quality