3D Architectural Rendering Services


RGB-A, as a reputable 3D architectural visualization and rendering firm in China, provides 3D architectural rendering services for real estate studio and company. Specializing in both 3D realistic and conceptual architectural rendering business, RGB-A is responsible for various types of projects: commercial buildings, residential, healthcare, landscape, hotel, mix-use project, urban masterplan project, etc. The specific rendering types mainly include: monochromatic architectural rendering, artistic section rendering, 3D eye level rendering, aerial rendering, site plan rendering, elevation rendering, 3D architectural interior rendering, etc.


We have set up our internal Quality Control System to ensure our renderings with good quality. At the beginning of rendering stage, we will provide rendering examples for reference on the lighting, materials, overall mood/coloration based on selected camera views for clients’ selection, as well as the estimated building rendering cost. We will also assign professional rendering supervisor for each of projects to be in charge of entourage placement, overall light setting, material setting, and check-up on rendering quality at each round to ensure consistent quality. RGB-A also provide 3d commercial architectural rendering design&drawing services, with competitive prices so as to reduce cost for our customers. With special rendering architecture visualization software for real estate, our experienced team members will provide unity photorealistic 3d architectural rendering services through autocad, solidworks, vray in 3d max, photoshop, to better suit the various needs of our customers.


Types of 3D Architectural Rendering

3D Exterior Rendering

3D Aerial Rendering

3D Interior Rendering

Site Plan Rendering


What is 3D Architectural Rendering Mainly Used for

3D Architectural Renderings of RGB-A, a reliable architectural visualization company, are mainly used to visualize the design of the project before they are constructed. Architects make use of 3D architectural renderings for their presentation. They show their design idea and intention to the developer in a more intuitive way by 3d renderings.


The real estate developer uses 3d renderings for their pre-construction marketing which has become a valuable asset to them. 3D renderings can give their clients a vision of the project before construction takes place.