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4MPixel HD Dual Lens 3D Synchronous Depth Measurement Camera Module

4MPixel HD Dual Lens 3D Synchronous Depth Measurement Camera Module

*Size:139*22*17.3±0.5 MM


*Maximum Resolution:3840*1080 YUV/MJPEG 30FPS               

*Fov:72° ( Lens can be adjustable, different Lens, FOV different)

*Interface: USB2.0

*Focus: fixed

*Output Formats:YUY2/MJPEG

*Supply voltage: DC 5V±5%

*Operating system request: Win XP/win 7、8 / vista /android 4.0/ mac /Linux with uvc

Our Dual Lens Camera Module is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the camera capabilities of any device it is installed in. The module features two lenses, each with a unique focal length, and advanced software algorithms that enable users to capture stunning photos and videos with exceptional clarity and detail.


HBVCAM OV4689 4MPixel HD Dual Lens 3D Synchronous Depth Measurement Camera Module  

*OV4689 is a high-performance 4-megapixel camera chip sensor designed in the native 16:9 format for the next generation of monitoring and security system. The sensor adopts advanced 2 μ momnibsi-2 ™ Pixels  provide state-of-the-art low light sensitivity and high dynamic range (HDR)

* This is binocular synchronous camera module

*Multiple Resolutions for your options

*Multiple Lens for your options


Key Features of Dual Lens Camera Module:

●Dual lens system: The module features two lenses, one with a wide-angle and another with a telephoto lens that allows users to switch between lenses seamlessly.

●High-resolution sensors: The module features high-quality image sensors that capture clear and sharp images.

●Optical zoom: The telephoto lens enables optical zooming, which captures distant objects with great detail without any loss of image quality.

●Portrait mode: The module supports portrait mode, which creates a natural-looking background blur, making subjects stand out.

●Low-light photography: The module’s advanced software algorithms allow for excellent low-light performance, enabling users to capture clear and bright images even in dimly lit environments.

●Video recording: The module supports high-quality video recording in both 1080p and 4K resolutions.


Dual Lens Camera Module Benefits:

●Improved image quality: The dual lens system enhances image quality by capturing more detail and providing better-zooming capabilities.

●Enhanced versatility: With two lenses and advanced features such as optical zoom and portrait mode, users can take a wide range of photos and videos with professional-level results.

●Easy integration: Our Dual Lens Camera Module is designed to be easy to integrate into any device, providing an immediate upgrade to the device’s camera capabilities.

●Competitive advantage: The Dual Lens Camera Module can be used in a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and security cameras, providing a competitive advantage for companies looking to differentiate their products.


Application of Dual Lens Camera Module:

HBVCAM Dual Lens Camera Module is ideal for companies looking to upgrade the camera capabilities of their devices. It can be used in a wide range of products, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and security cameras. The module is suitable for tech-savvy consumers who demand high-quality camera performance and professionals who require advanced camera capabilities for their work.