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a beautiful simple wedding dress and you are ready

The reportage album: an adventureThe reportage photographer, in the field of photographic art, is the one who goes in dangerous areas, in war, and takes photos of people, without posing: a photograph in which he captures an expression, a grimace cocktail dresses, a characteristic, a moment. Even in weddings, the documentary photographer is the one who follows you from the preparation, when you are at home and you have worn a beautiful simple wedding dress and you are ready to make make-up or styling. He is close to you, taking pictures of the bride and groom and the guests until the end of the ceremony.Unless you agree, it will probably not ask for a traditional pose. But, simply, it will click continuously; trying to capture the emotion, the surprise, the joy, the love in you and your guests. This kind of constant presence brings up the price of the service and – at the end – there will be really a lot of photos, among which to choose the perfect ones for the album. They will be photos that you immortalize since you wear formal shoes until … you remove them!Creative StudioThose who take artistic photos consider that each is a work of art. The maximum attention of this type of photographer is generally accompanied by a great technical experience and a higher cost, compared to the other two types of services. The creative photographer focuses on elements such as light, atmospheres, in search of detail and gesture. He is very attentive to expressions. This is not just a well-made picture, which follows standard aesthetic standards, but an artistic picture. It is a very personal style; not a service that asks to photograph “this and that”.