Adjustable Scaffolding Steel Props

Adjustable Scaffolding Steel Props Brief Introduction:

Adjustable Scaffolding Steel Props are composites of top and bottom plates, inner and outer tubes, sleeves, nuts, and pins. Their straightforward design enables effortless assembly and disassembly. These props boast an adjustable length within their range and are highly reusable. They find extensive application in supporting systems for construction, plants, bridges, and various other proping system.

Scaffolding props, known by various names like adjustable steel props, telescopic props, acrow props, and more, are versatile support devices used in construction. They come with adjustable closed and open heights to accommodate different requirements.


Gongde offers customized solutions for Formwork Props, allowing customization based on adjustable height, dimensions of inner and outer tubes, as well as the size and shape of top and bottom plates to suit your specific requirements.

When it comes to load capacity, we provide a range of options including lightweight, middle duty, light-duty, and heavy-duty acrow prop. Each type of acrow formwork prop is designed with distinct features, characteristics, and uses, catering to diverse construction needs.

Furthermore, our formwork props are available in various finishes. You can select from painted acrow formwork props, spray paint, or hot-dip galvanized onesoptions based on your application demands. These different finishes are crafted to provide protection against rust, corrosion, environmental elements, and general wear and tear, ensuring longevity and durability in diverse working conditions.


Details of Scaffolding Steel Props:

Length and width: Adjustable.Specifications: Φ400, Φ580, Φ600, Φ609, Φ630, Φ800. Complete specifications and can be customized.Material standard: Steel plastic.Type: Heavy duty or Light duty.Color: Red/Orange/Blue/ Green etc,.Type of nut: Wing nut/Cup nut.Usage: buildings, bridges, subways.Packaging: Pallet steel wire packaging.Surface treatment: Spray paint.Delivery time: About 15 days.Supply Ability: Daily production is about 10,000.Min. Order: Quantity 500 sets.