Scaffolding Pressed Double Putlog Coupler

Scaffolding Pressed Double Putlog Coupler

Gongde is a manufacturer of Putlog Double Coupler Scaffolding. 

Gongde Scaffolding Pressed Double Putlog Coupler is designed to securely connect putlogs and transoms to standard scaffold tubes, facilitating the placement of scaffold boards on top of the tube. It adheres to implementation standards such as EN74 and BS1139, ensuring reliable structural integrity and compatibility. Additionally, its surface treatment involves white zinc plating, enhancing durability and corrosion resistance for prolonged use in construction and scaffolding applications.


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 Scaffolding Pressed Double Putlog Coupler Specifications

Weight: 0.63kg

Diameter: 48.3mm

Material: Q235/Q355

Implementation standards: EN74, BS1139

Fitting bolts: Class 8.8 strong bolt ∅12*87mm

Packing: Woven bag 25/ set

Surface treatment: white zinc plating (cold galvanized, hot galvanized)