ALL Modern Wardrobe

SN22-C002 Wardrobe

The cloakroom is composed of 3 parts, the left and right sides are made of blue silk-patterned glass doors, and the middle is a combination of two sides of the folding doors and the middle open design, which makes the space more open and transparent, and is convenient for residents to store and choose clothes.


SN22-C003 Wardrobe

The cloakroom adopts a large-area open display combination, and a variety of module combinations are suitable for various storage and sorting needs, making the clothing display more orderly and pleasing to the eye.


SN22-C001 Wardrobe

The independent cloakroom adopts the combination of open cabinets and closed wardrobes to make the display and storage functions more complete. A separate storage cabinet is used in the middle to better divide the area for clothes storage. The open wardrobes with Chinese-style columns on both sides, together with the wall hanging system, meet the display needs of different items, which are comfortable and reasonable.