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Aluminum Die Casting Mold

Aluminium die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, is to use the installed pressure casting mold casting machine die casting machine, the heat of liquid poured into the aluminum or aluminum alloy die-casting machine into the mouth of the die casting machine die casting, casting the shape and dimensions of the mould limit of aluminium or aluminium alloy parts, such parts are often called aluminum die casting. Aluminium die casting factory Proto-mold can offer customers professional products among other aluminum die casting manufacturers.


Aluminum Die Casting Mold Material Properties



In fact, ADC12 is a kind of aluminum alloy, and aluminum alloy is divided into many kinds.


Aluminum alloy is roughly divided into cast aluminum and profile aluminum. Profile is to show door window the sort of aluminium profile, or aluminium bar/board.


The cast aluminum is manufactured in the form of “ingot” and then remelted for all kinds of casting.


Casting is divided into: high pressure casting, low pressure casting, sand casting, sand casting and so on.


ADC12 is High Pressure Casting Aluminum

Die-casting aluminum the Japan standard ADC1, ADC3 ADC6, ADC10, ADC12, ADC14,


Gb YL102 YL104, YL108 YL112, YL113 etc.,


Aluminum Die Casting Mold Materials Info

Performance of different


ADC6 has the characteristics of thermal brittleness, corrosion resistance and oxidation coloration.



ADC10 has good castability and pressure resistance, suitable for manufacturing large die castings. Good mechanical properties and machinability, but poor corrosion resistance.



ADC12 is suitable for die casting complex castings with high strength, good pressure resistance and low thermal brittleness.



It can manufacture metal parts with complex shape, clear outline and thin wall and deep cavity. Because molten metal at high pressure and high speed to maintain high fluidity, so can obtain other processes difficult to process metal parts.


Die casting has high dimensional accuracy, up to IT11-13, sometimes up to IT9, surface roughness up to Ra0.8 — 3.2um, good interchangeability.


High material utilization rate. Due to the high precision of die casting parts, only a small amount of mechanical processing can be assembled and used, some die casting parts can be directly assembled and used. Its material utilization rate is about 60%- 80%, rough utilization rate up to 90%.


High production efficiency. Because of high speed mold filling, mold filling time is short, metal industry solidification is fast, die casting operation cycle speed. In all kinds of casting process, die casting method has the highest productivity, suitable for mass production.


Easy to use Mosaic. It is easy to set the positioning mechanism on the die casting mold, which is convenient to embed the inlaid parts and meet the local special performance requirements of the die casting parts.