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Metal 3D Printing Service

The 3d metal printing prototyping technologies includes laser three-dimensional forming technology (LDM), selective laser melting technology (SLM), selective electron beam melting technology (SEBM), etc. For large scale metal 3d printing, the product material range covers titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, non-ferrous alloys, and high-strength steels. Proto Mold is a professional China metal 3d printing company which can offers custom metal 3d printing service for your 3d metal printing prototyping need.


3d Printing Metal Material Info

3D printing of metal parts

Selective laser Melting (SLM) is a typical representative of modern additive manufacturing technology, and It is one of the main development directions of additive manufacturing in the future. Laser selective melting technology has been widely used in aerospace, scientific research and education, medical, industrial mold, automobile and other fields. because of its excellent forming precision, high density of forming parts, complex shape can be directly formed, and wide range of forming materials.


3D printing

3D printing can create metal functional parts by stacking them up directly from CAD models. Manufactured metal parts often have very rough surfaces that are removed by subsequent machining to meet the final requirements of the metal printed parts.


316L stainless steel material

316L  stainless steel material is one of the more mature in the 3D printing metal materials, excellent comprehensive performance, They can be widely used in various fields, such as automobiles parts . Most of automobile manufacturers have set up their own 3D printing production line, They will more efficiency than the traditional mechanical manufacturing, greatly reduce the enterprise cost, It is a metal material with a large amount of 3D printing at present.


AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy material has good technology and corrosion resistance, so its castings are widely used in aviation, instrumentation and general machinery.