Anti Aging Skincare in NZ

Shaping the future with innovative anti aging treatment technologies in New Zealand

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Advanced Derma Care is proud to introduce you to Silhouet-Tone, America’s number one choice 


for specialised age management equipment.


For nearly 45 years, Silhouet-Tone has made research and development a priority by setting 


industry standards with the finest in aesthetic, electrolysis and spa equipment. With their 


specialised state-of-the-art equipment, Silhouet-Tone has always remained a step ahead of the 


competition, delivering the quality, reliability and cutting-edge technology clients in over 48 


countries have come to expect. 


Silhouet-Tone is based in Montreal, Canada and manufactures in North America and Europe.

Advanced Derma Care not only provides the technology but also offers assistance from the most 


experienced trainers in this field in New Zealand. 


Advanced Derma Care also offers a range of other leading cosmeceutical skin care products in 


New Zealand including the mesoestetic and DNA Renewal ranges. Shop online or contact us to 


find out more.


Skin Remodeling System™

Treatment Anti System


The Skin Remodeling System™ is the world’s first to offer an innovative proprietary remodelling 


treatment by combining the synergy of five scientifically-proven technologies, for outstanding 




The revolutionary skin rejuvenation system effectively stimulates new collagen growth in the 


deeper skin layers, replacing aged and sun damaged collagen, plumping the skin, smoothing 


wrinkles, tightening skin and muscles. 


The Skin Remodeling System™ combines 5 treatment technologies to:


Stimulate cell renewal and the growth of new healthy skin.

Activate neo-collagen production restoring volume and elasticity to the skin, while plumping 



Relax dynamic lines erasing the areas of facial expression such as crow’s feet and lip wrinkles.

Tighten the skin to a youthful smoothness and tautness.

Restore muscle tone by redefining the facial contour, lifting the cheeks and tightening neck and 


jaw line.


The unique ergonomic treatment head of the Skin Remodeling System™ combines five ‘age 


reversal’ technologies, delivering them simultaneously through a single treatment head, providing 


a remarkably effective treatment in a fraction of the time.


The Synchronized Delivery system™ treats age-related problems by improving dermal density 


and muscle tone through a proprietary technology called HYPC Remodeling™. Thermal and 


non-destructive, this technology restores the cells by using a unique mechanism of action, 




High Voltage Pulsatile Currents


Impulse Micro-Currents

Electroporation and Iontophoresis currents


with a unique delivery system to specifically target all major components responsible for the 


ageing skin appearance. The focus is no longer just on extrinsic or intrinsic ageing, but on 


structural ageing instead. 


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