Anti-mold for Shoes

The shoes are easy to get moldy issue, especially due to the leather materials and glue. There are many Kobso products can use in the shoes packing, such as Mold Prevention Packet, Anti-mold Sticker, Mold Prevention Packing Paper, Mold prevention desiccant. During in the warehouse or transportation, once the humidity and temperature reach a certain level, the mold will multiply, these product can inhibition it.


Role of KOBSO Anti-mold for Shoes

Kobso Anti-mold product’s antifungal factor extracted from plants, as a highly effective and eco-friendly way, also includes an anti mold chip in the shoe box. The anti-mold packet & bag, it is specially designed packaging, has the function of slow release, so the anti-mold effect will last longer. The Anti-mold sticker is comply with EU standard and anti-mold for 120 days, can protect the goods safe for a long time.


Tips On How To Prevent Mould On Your Shoes

Brush the surface of the mold with a medium-hard brush. If the mold is in a humid environment, please dry it.


After removing the mold from the surface, use Kobso multi-function anti-mold agent. Use a spray gun 15-20cm away from the uniform spray to the surface of the shoes.


After it, please use Kobso multi-function anti-mold agent to spray 1-2 times on the shoe box, can more ensure the protection of shoes. And can be placed directly into the shoe box.