ASME SA387 Gr. 5 CL 2 Plate Exporters In India

Our products are designed and manufactured by experts and professionals who use upgraded technology and machinery for the construction. The steel plates are having higher tensile strength and ductility and can be formed in different thickness and sizes. They can also be designed in customized dimensions as per specified.

The alloy used in the building and construction of these plates are having many useful features. They are having greater corrosion resistance to all types of corrosive materials. This is also compatible with different types of fabrications and thus these plates can be cut and shaped easily with an accurate finish. This alloy also contains a high percentage of chromium and molybdenum. This is also good for welding even at a higher temperature. With the presence of molybdenum, this alloy can maintain its tensile strength even at elevated temperature. This alloy is having preferable hardness and toughness.

Plate processing

The SA 387 GR.5 CL.2 PLATE manufactured by Chhajed Steel & Alloy Pvt Ltd. is having many steps and sub-processes for the complete construction. It undergoes through several stages like

Cutting – in this, we will cut the piece of steel to specific dimension as specified.

Forming, drilling or machining- in this process, a metallic piece or object is being shaped as per the design by applying pressure on it through the machine. With the means of drilling, we put smaller holes into the workpiece. By means of machining, we can remove excess or unwanted material by using machining tools. It can also be used for smoothing the surface.

Grinding – it can be used as the application of cutting. In this, we use a rotating abrasive wheel which removes the material creating a flat surface.


– the testing is performed to examine the abilities and mechanical properties of the product at different conditions.


The Chhajed Steel & Alloy Pvt Ltd. prepares of the packaging of their products under the surveillance of experts and standard criteria’s of packaging. The packaging is also provided in a customized way as per their satisfaction. For the exportation purpose, we use higher advanced critters for better shipment. We use wooden cases and pallets for keeping the plates and we also use metallic cases and pallets. The cases are made as per the size of the plate and are delivered in heavy loading trucks. The documents related to the product quality and exportation is handed over previously to the customer before shipping. Each parcel is being tracked at each point of the delivery by our team.