ATP200 Carousel Tissue Processor

Experience seamless tissue processing with our Carousel Tissue Processor. This advanced laboratory equipment automates sample fixation and dehydration, optimizing workflow efficiency while maintaining sample integrity for precise histopathological analysis.


Description of ATP200 Carousel Tissue Processor

1. Robust equipment, easy to handle, mounted in tubular frame plate in high resistance plastic resin finishing.


2. External finishing in white, resistant to the lab environment and xylol products.


3. Micro-processed central digital touch screen LCD panel, which controls all functions of equipment such as date, time and year and equipment adjustment parameters configuration.


4. Daily schedule for 24 hours and sloe time setting for weekends or extended holidays.


5. Changeable programming with selectable time interval according to the need of the operator. Ability to pause processing in any bath or position.


6. Adjustable bath speed and time control allowing total flow, fully preventing contamination of one bath to other.


7. High duration battery own up to 10 years allowing data protection even in lack of power situations.


8. +/- 20 min continuous operation in lack of power situation. Energy provided by no break variable according to no break capacity.


9. Protection sensor that controls paraffin mugs individually with visual and sonorous alarm protection for sub and super heating.


10. System protection not allowing the penetration of the last xylol paraffin bath, in case of not agreeable selected temperature parameter.


11. Automatic stop at end of system cycle, 9 storage protocols programs pre-selected by operator.


12. System oscillation inox basket with capacity up to 85 cassettes which improves the processed material quality.


Specification of ATP200 Carousel Tissue Processor

Paraffin Bath

Temperature Control in panel, with adjustable sensitivity to 80±1 C.Capacity up to 255 plastic cassettes using 3 basketsCapacity to 10 Reagent baths and 2 paraffin baths, total 12 baths of 2L eachSealant bath lid that fully prevent environment contamination








500 W


220V at 50/60 HZ