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Auxiliaries for Cotton

Cotton dyeing is operated in a certain temperature, time, PH value and the required dyeing agent for cotton. The common agents for cotton dyeing and printing include scouring agent, dye fixing agent, penetrating agent and so on. Choosing cotton fabric dyeing and finishing process is mainly based on the varieties, specifications, requirements of finished product.


In the process of traditional cotton dyeing and printing, in order to avoid the interference reaction between the dyeing agent for cotton in the aqueous solution, dyeing and finishing are generally separated. Nowadays, under the vacuum conditions, the reaction between components can be effectively avoided by dyeing agent for cotton, finishing agent or the mixture, and ensure that dyeing and finishing can be carried out simultaneously, thus simplifying the whole process. In addition, under the vacuum conditions, the atomized mixture of dyeing agents for cotton absorb on the fabric, which avoids a lot of pollution, playing an important role for environment.


HT Fine Chemical from China offers eco auxiliaries for cotton fabric. Welcome to inquiry.