Cotton Fabric Rolls Wholesale

The advantages of cotton are lightness, softness, moisture absorption and air permeability. Our cotton fabric rolls wholesale can be used in different ribbon manufacturing processes and decorated with different patterns, which are very suitable for large and wide bow designs.


Create a fine fabric ribbon for decorating. Cotton fiber gives you a natural and gracious to your arrangement. Bright colors on richly textured cotton create a beautiful look. First choice for wrapping gifts & custom DIY crafts decoration.


Description of Cotton Fabric Rolls

As expected they would make a beautiful decoration on any occasion. Must more than you were expecting. Let’s decor now! Our cotton fabric rolls with flexible shape has different colors, from light to dark, to meet the needs of different customers on different occasions. For example, decorate and wrap with this charming white cotton material roll in wedding.


Size Options of Cotton fabric Ribbons

Width available:  1.5inches cotton cloth roll, 2inches cotton fabric rolls, 2.5inches cotton material roll, 3inches cotton scrim roll, 3.5inches cotton fabric rolls wholesale, 4inches cotton fabric rolls, 5inches cotton material roll, 6inches cheap cotton fabric rolls, 8inches white cotton fabric roll. Our cotton scrim roll has a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different gifts and decorations on different occasions. Small-sized cotton ribbons can be used to decorate gifts. Large-size ribbons can be used to decorate rooms at festivals.


Care Instruction of Cotton Fabric Rolls

1.When storing, you should keep moisture-proof, dry, ventilate and light-proof. 2. When washing, cotton material roll should keep alkali-resistant and acid-resistant. 3. Wash them with neutral detergent to protect the color. 4. Different colors of cotton clothing should be washed separately.


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