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WHEE manufactures certified DC axial fans. The range is from 40-120mm. The core materials for axial flow fan/clooer are all imported, waterproof and dustproof grade IP56, intelligent control design such as PWM and temperature control, etc.


Configuration of industrial axial fans run quitely. For moving large volumes of air, axial cooling fun is ideal. Design of compact axial fans saves installation space. Compared with centrifugal funs and blowers, axial fans have higher operating speed, require a low power input for operation, and the airflows they create are of low pressure.


Axial Fans Standards

Temperature 25℃ and relative humidity 60% shall be the standard if no doubt arises in the judgment. However, it is permitted that tests are conducted in the environment of temperature 5~35℃, relative humidity 45 ~ 85%.


Insulation resistance: At least 10 MΩ at 500VDC between the internal stator and both lead wires.


Dielectric strength: Applied a 500VAC for 1.0 minute or 600VAC for 2 seconds between housing and both lead wires.


In accordance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances(ROHS)Directive, WHEE DC cooling fans have complied with law and discipline not to employ the forbidden substances, and restrict the allowable concentration of some limited substances deliberately in our components.


Axial Fans FAQs

How Long Is Your Axial Fans Wire Length?

As a professional cooling fan supplier, we can offer custom wire length and the terminal according to your requirements, default wire length is 200mm.


What Kind Of Function Can We Choose For Axial Fans?

Auto-restart, Speed detection, Stoppage Alarm, Waterproof, PWM function, Temperature control. The commonly used functions are as follows:


PWM speed regulation function:

PWM is a kind of frequency conversion speed regulation, namely pulse width regulation.


By adjusting the pulse width on the fundamental wave, the voltage and frequency of the sine waves can be adjusted, so as to adjust the speed of the motor.


FG speed measurement function:

Depending on the temperature change, the hall element generates pulses and then detects the pulse frequency to measure the speed.


Every turn of the fan, the internal detection circuit will send 2 pulse signals from the speed measuring line (usually yellow) to the counting circuit on the motherboard. The speed measuring chip of the motherboard only needs to calculate how many pulse signals it receives per second or per minute to realize the speed measuring


RD alarm function:

RD signal, whose function is to output low level when the fan is running, and high level when the fan is not running. By detecting this signal, the CPU can know whether the fan is running normally.


TC temperature control function:

According to the CPU load and temperature adjust the speed, low load low temperature can reduce the speed, reduce noise, prolong the life of the fan, high load high temperature automatically increase the speed, conducive to heat dissipation.


How Long is WHEE Axial Fans MTTF?

The different bearing type has different MTTF. Two ball bearings can last up to 50,000hrs; F.D. The bearing can last up to 40,000hrs; Sleeve bearing can last up to 30,000hrs when operated at 40℃ and 45 ~ 85% relative humidity of the specified voltage rating.