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WHEE has an independent research and development team that solves and optimizes cooling solutions from complete systems, so besides a variety of cooling fan for sale, we also offer quality cooling accessories. WHEE has accumulated experience in designing cooling fan accessories and modules over the years. The cooling modules are mainly made by hardware mold development, metal stamping, CNC processing, welding and assembly.


Accessories FAQs

What is a Thermal module?

Thermal Module is designed for use in systems/devices/equipment. And other modules for heat dissipation. Now they refer to the heat dissipation devices of laptop computers and then to the heat dissipation devices of desktop computers and projectors using heat conduits.


What are the mechanisms of the Thermal module?

We adopt the Heat exchange concept of RHE(Remote Heat Exchanger) to solve the problem of the system waste Heat. Therefore, the Heat Exchanger of the all-in-one machine is basically composed of three parts, namely, Heat conduction section, Heat Exchanger section and elastic locking mechanism, plus some attached pieces.


The heat pipe plays the role of rapid heat conduction in the heat conduction section, and the fan provides the airflow needed for forced convection in the heat dissipation section, which is the technical core of the heat conduction section and the heat dissipation section respectively.


How about the performance of Thermal Module?

Thermal Module is a kind of efficient heat dissipation device, which has unique heat dissipation characteristics.


That is, it has high thermal conductivity, and the axial distribution of temperature between the evaporation section and the cooling section is uniform and basically equal.


The heat resistance of the radiator is determined by the thermal conductivity of the material and the effective area within the volume.


When the volume of solid aluminum or copper radiator reaches 0.006m, increasing its volume and area cannot significantly reduce the thermal resistance.


For discrete semiconductor devices with two-sided heat dissipation, the heat resistance of air-cooled all-copper or all-aluminum radiators can only reach 0.04℃/W. The Thermal Module can reach 0.01℃/W.


Under the condition of natural convection cooling, the performance of the heat pipe radiator can be improved more than ten times that of a solid radiator.