Best Ear Surgeon in Mumbai India, USA and England – Dr. Parag Telang

Ear plastic surgery in India is available at The Microtia Trust, Mumbai, a leading center for the treatment of congenital and other ear deformities. The clinic provides utmost care to its patients and delivers outstanding results for each patient. The trust is an initiative of renowned and the best ear surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Parag Telang, an expert in ear reconstruction surgery for children born with missing (microtia) or partial ear or adults who have had a traumatic loss of an ear. Besides this, Dr. Parag Telang is among the very few doctors who have the necessary knowledge, training, practice, and skills to successfully treat the microtia ear condition and deliver satisfactory results. The Microtia Trust in Mumbai offers world-class service and provides treatments like microtia ear surgery, prominent ear correction, ear reconstruction for traumatic ear loss, and other ear deformities. Depending upon the concern, the surgery is carried out to achieve a cosmetically pleasing external ear while restoring symmetry. Please log on to the website if you wish to explore more about the services and treatments.


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