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Best Gemstone Collection at Rananjay Export

Moonstone jewelry – If the name of this gem enthuses you, then it’s the same with almost every single person who first comes across this beautiful creation. As moonstone derives from the powers of the moon, which is evident in its blue sheen and shimmer.

Opal jewelry – Opal jewelry looks beautiful in  every aspect, be it from its strong energies to opalescence. The fire in this creation appears unfathomable in the ample shades of pink, orange, white, green, black, and blue.


Larimar jewelry – The watery vibes of larimar produce the energy of the ocean. Along with the potency of nature which is apparent in the Larimar jewelry. The toughness of this stone resides on 4-5 on the scale with its enchanting design and formation.


Turquoise jewelry – This December birthstone is acknowledgeable for being semi-translucent and opaque with its light appearance. This microcrystalline crystal is rare and secures less than 3% of supreme quality turquoise jewelry. 


Libyan desert glass – Libyan desert glass is an extraordinary silica-rich composition glass also called as Lechatelierite. This mixture defines the quality of the stone, which includes a few cristobalites, but anyways, it’s lustrous.