BHJG570 Bucking Machine

BHJG570 bucking machine has six parts: power tong, backup tong, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, control system and machine body.

The power tong is driven by hydraulic motor and it is used to make up or break out. The backup tong is driven by pneumatic and it is used to fix the pipe. The make up torque value is output by tension sensor and controlled by PLC system.

Product Application

BHJG570 bucking unit produced by our company is a special equipment used to make up and break out 13 3/8″, 16″, 18 5/8″, 20″coupling and pipes.


1. BHJG570 bucking machine is driven and controlled by both hydraulic and pneumatic system. The system is simple, also has convenient and flexible manipulation.

2. The system is controlled by pneumatic except for power tong hydraulic motors so that can greatly reduce the oil leakage.

3. The power tong uses closed form, which is driven by hydraulic motor with roller climbing clamping. The clamp head include 4 jaw plates with 90º proportional distributing, every jaw plate has 4-6 teeth. A total of 16-24 teeth contact the coupling surface with reliable clamping. Teeth marks accord with API standard. The clamp head is reset by means of automatic positioning machinery, quickly and reliably.

4. The backup tong also uses closed form, which is driven by the pneumatic cylinder. The jaw clamping rollers climbing principle is similar to the driving clamp.

5. The power tong and the backup tong can automatically regulate to meet the casing and coupling which have a little bending.

6. The replacement of dies is convenient.

7. The backup tong is equipped with tension sensor which is used to measure torque (the unit is KN.m). Control system will contrast the torque value and screw circles to the setting value, so that the bucking machine operates automatically.