BHJQ300 Bucking Machine

BHJQ300 hydraulic bucking machine has five hydraulic sycliders, in working, the pipe is fixed, the five hydraulic cylinders synchronized able to clamp the coupling and rotate continuousely. Every cylinder controls one jaw. The reliable synchronizer is imported from Italy. To adjust the center automatically, the backup tong can float a bit. The clamp force is controlled by the hydraulic system.

Product Application

The BHJQ300 bucking unit is used for making up & break out the pipes, casings and downhole tools.

Tubing Casing Bucking Machine Features

This structure has features of large application, high mechanical strength, reliable Clamping, no-skiding, no- pipe damage, small die marks to API, high automation, double pump speed, quick making up, slow torque increasing, and it can be used for premium connections.