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A collision involving a motor vehicle and a cyclist can result in severe physical injuries and life-altering consequences, often characterized by tragic results. Our Utah bicycle accident lawyer team in Utah is intimately familiar with the state statutes that govern the responsibilities of motorists and the rights of cyclists. Bicyclists, despite the use of headgear, have relatively limited protection compared to occupants of motor vehicles; therefore, they are vulnerable to severe and potentially fatal injuries in the event of collisions.

Bike collisions have sadly become all too frequent in Utah, and cyclists are exposed to a severe risk of being involved in a car accident. Our mission at Bike Legal Utah is to advocate for the safety and rights of cyclists, recognising the challenges and dangers they face while on the road.

As experienced Salt Lake bicycle accident attorney, we are dedicated to aiding injured cyclists through the complexities of the legal system and securing the compensation to which they are rightfully entitled. Whether you have suffered broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or any other grievous injuries as a result of a bicycle accident, our team is ready to advocate for your rights and ensure that negligent parties are held accountable.


As soon as possible after suffering an injury in a bicycle collision, consult an attorney. Make it possible for Bike Legal Utah to assist you in securing the compensation and justice to which you are entitled by scheduling a free consultation with us today.