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Biodegradable Cups

Soton’s Custom Biodegradable Drinking Cups Wholesale


For Eco-friendly drinking cups, Soton has two different types: PLA cup and paper cup.


PLA cup is made of biodegradable raw material together with biodegradable cup lids. It has a transparent appearance just like normal disposable cups.


The disposable paper cup is made of PLA coated paper (biological fine coated paper) which is a kind of completely compostable and environmentally friendly health material for sustainable cutlery set.


As eco-friendly disposable cups, both of them can come in different sizes and shapes.


Types of Eco-compostable Cups Bulk Wholesale


Disposable Paper Cup Disposable Paper Cup


Why choose Soton Custom Eco-friendly Cups Bulk Wholesale

Soton Group is a leading and experienced biodegradable compostable cups bulk wholesale company.


With the industry experience based on years of reusable portable straws and PLA straws, Soton has been committed to being the pioneer in the research and development of bio-degradable materials for customized eco-friendly disposable cups. Soton pursues high quality of organic compostable drinking cups to make sure the strong customer adhesion. Therefore, each collapsible product like our earth friendly biodegradable coffee cups, has undergone strict quality inspections.


Besides biodegradable plates and bowls, Soton also attaches great importance to the safety of eco compostable disposable cups by using thickened food-grade material to make sure the non-toxic and odorless recyclable bio container cups are delivered. Soton Group also supports customization with complete organic paper cups categories and different patterns and can meet customers in various industries.


More importantly, compared to other cup manufacturers, Soton has its advantage in its raw material supply due to the large amount is need for different products every year and the close relationship with the raw material suppliers.


Biodegradable Drinking Cups by Beverage Types

Soton’s biodegradble cups can be used to fill up various kinds of beverages. Our compostable cups are suitable for hot drinks, cold drinks, takeaway coffee, smoothie, sauces, dessert, soup, etc. Whatever your need is, our eco-friendly cups will meet your demand with the highest qualities. Drinking in our cups will cause no harm to the environment, they will decompose and degrade in the earth by themselves, and no secondary pollution will occur.


Eco-friendly Biodegradable Cups by Occasions

Worrying about what kind of cups you should book for your once-in-a-life-time wedding day, big party day, or prom day? With the reasonable prices and excellent qualities, Soton offers PLA cups and disposable paper cups for you to choose from, which are both perfect for your wedding, parties, and any other important occasions.