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Bona Hard Wax Oil

Bona Hard Wax Oil


  • High traffic hardwax oil finish suitable to use on all sealant free wood floors

  • Waterproofs the surface and creates a cool non glazing satin finish

  • To be applied in two coats systems with 24 hours break between overcoating

  • Bona Hard Wax Oil is manufactured from a blend of organic high quality oils

  • Suitable to use on floors with underfloor heating, it allows the surface to breath

  • Contains no cobalt or ketoximes, 100% safe for kids, pets & pregnant women

  • Creates a rich finish without glazing, it will cover around 30 sq meters per L

  • Suitable to use on floors with low, medium and commercial high traffic/usage

  • Dirt repellent, water repellant, easy to clean and maintain, easy to refresh