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Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw

Osmo Polyx-Oil Effect Raw


  • A beautiful natural looking hardwax oil with a hint of white colour

  • A light coloured wood stain that stays the same after it dries out

  • It provides superior protection against water stains and liquids

  • To be applied in a two coat system over a sealant free surface

  • 1L will cover anywhere between 25 to 30 sq meters (it can vary)

  • Extremely durable and hard wearing | No permanent wet effect

  • Compatible with wood floors, wood furniture, kids toys, doors, etc

  • 100% food certified and safe to use on worktops & kitchen areas

  • Fume free, non glazing, non peeling, non flaking & natural oil

  • Microporous : It allows the wood surfaces to ventilate naturally

  • The product is also saliva resistant and sweat resistant (kids safe)

  • The surfaces can be recoated at a later stage without sanding