• $145

Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer

Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer


  • the most popular and the most highly recommended floor lacquer in the World

  • outstanding natural look, outstanding durability and resistance to traffic

  • available in “naturale”, extra matt and the popular silk matt (satin) finish

  • highly recommended for high to very high traffic areas, 100% water based

  • fume free, non yellowing, two pack floor lacquer, superb anti slip finish

  • suitable to seal wooden floors, stairs, furniture, frames, toys, statues, etc

  • to be applied in a two coats system over a primer, compatible with stains

  • re-sanding between coats required, to be applied with a varnishing roller

  • Bona Traffic HD Floor Lacquer can be used as an overcoat over finishes