• $116.46

Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer

Carver Epsilon Floor Lacquer 


  • Top quality 100% polyurethane water based floor lacquer from Carver

  • Can be used as a single pack or as two pack if mixed up with hardener

  • Outstanding durability, beautiful natural finish, non yellowing, fume free

  • Suitable for medium to very high traffic residential & commercial floors

  • It can be applied over water based/solvent based primers & wood stains

  • High coverage area, it will cover 12-14 square meters of floor per 1 Litre

  • Superb chemical resistance, unaffected by harsh chemicals and traffic

  • Slight glaze, it enhances the wood fibres and it seals the wood surface

  • Taber test without hardener : 20 MG | Taber test with the hardener : 17 MG

  • A highly cost effective floor lacquer suitable for commercial & residential use