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Brand Profile

Autogreen is a brand aimed to become the best Chinese tyre brand, since the birth day, safety is in the genes of Autogreen. For EU labeling, Autogreen tyres have the best wet grip and the lowest noise, which can provide not only the drivers and passagers better, but also the pedestrians. According to the test by IDIADA, Autogreen tyres have similar performance with A brands. Autogreen brand tyres have all kinds of certificates worldwide, for example like the over-run test certificate from Finland, limites Chinese brands have this certificate. With all kinds of products like RunFlat tyres, AllSeason tyres, Studded winter tyres, Autogreen brand can offer the clients a better driving experience in difficult situations. Autogreen tyres have been sold to more than 60 countries worldwide, the quality has been proved by many road conditions, more and more clients marked Autogreen tyres as a middle range brand. We believe with the best quality and the best service, we can drive a safe journey forward together with our clients.