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SUV/4X4 Tyre

An important aspect of SUV tire/tyre is comfort. A tyre that is both comfortable and fun to drive is what many users are looking for. A lower rolling resistance can save fuel consumption. In addition, some suv tyre specials has a variety of optimized pattern designs in tread, which can enhance the comfort and quietness of urban SUVs. At the same time, some tread adopts an optimized layout edge design, which can minimize tread wear and improve the wear resistance of the tyre. Comfortable quiet suv tyres has advantages of comfort, quietness, smooth driving and safety on wet ground. PT2 adopts steel belt damping simulation technology, which makes driving more comfortable and has a balanced handling. The large pattern on the shoulder and the middle rib design can make the rigidity around the tyre more uniform, thereby further improving the quietness and driving stability. The central keyhole and groove can improve driving comfort. The SUV tyre uses a variety of technologies. The shock-absorbing carcass design allows the carcass to have better elasticity, so as to better absorb the vibration caused by uneven roads, improve comfort, and reduce tyre noise. Excellent traction-High desity sipe cuts ensure excellent traction on roads and general off-roads. Good Operation, Control and Braking Performance.