CASUN Automated Guided Vehicle

As a listed AGV company in NEEQ in China (stock code:834863), CASUN, one of the most professional AMR robot companies, has been focusing on AMR AGVs machinery and related AI robots since 2007. Casun’s core products include AGV equipment, types of AGVs’ intelligent control systems, intelligent algorithms, etc. According to the functional working modes, Casun’s types of AGVs for sale can be divided into 8 series with more than 50 models and compatible with 5-generation navigation modes.


Types of CASUN Automated Guided Vehicles For Sale

The AMR/AGV is a computer-controlled vehicle that uses computer software to determine the AMR/AGV car’s location and motion. These AI AMR/AGVs sales are powered by a battery or motor and are capable of manufacturing, storage, loading, and other operations without human interference. Self-powered AMR/AGV auto can perform load transfer, move, and stack pallets, complete assembly, and drag loads that have previously been done by people. Various kinds of AMR/AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) types improve productivity, remove humans from both unsafe and potentially dangerous environments, and overcome possible human error.


As an experienced AMR/AGV mobile OEM manufacturer, CASUN provides many types of autonomous mobile robots at the best AMR/AGV(Automated Guided Vehicle) price, which includes Latent Lift AGV/AMR, Load Shifting AGV/AMR, Forklift AGV/AMR, Tugger AGV/AMR, etc.