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Lithium-ion Batteries for Commercial Vehicle

The Flexi Pack is developed by Lithium Storage for electric-powered mobility, especially for commercial vehicles, such as trucks, electric buses, and special vehicles powered by batteries. Flexi Pack has two sizes, Flexi pack C, and Flexi pack D. Flexi Pack C&D is our standard pack designed based on prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells LFP205Ah, LFP230Ah, LFP280Ah, and LFP302Ah. Fixed dimensions with multiple battery combinations in type and quantity can enable multiple configurable system applications.


Why choose the Flexi battery pack for your EVs?

The Flexi battery pack is our standard pack and is a mass production battery and assembly in the commercial vehicle projects in China’s local market, therefore the quality has been verified through a series of Chinese National Standard for electric vehicles application and actual operation. Additionally, the Flexi pack has been certificated by MSDS and UN38.3, so will not have any international transportation issues. Compared with a customized battery pack, the Flexi pack has a competitive price advantage and also saves the certification and development costs by being a ready-to-go proven product.


Flexi Pack is active cooled.