China Emergency Light Manufacturers – Emergency Lighting Installations


China Emergency Light Manufacturers    stated that: common energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps (with electronic ballasts) can be used for safety lighting, standby lighting and evacuation lighting. Evacuation indicator lights must use fire certification products. The installation location of the luminaire is generally at the corner of the walkway and stairs. The arrow of the evacuation sign should point in the direction of the exit. The height of the fixture installation is determined by the design. If there is no regulation, the general evacuation exit sign is installed at the top of the safety exit at 0.2m, and the upper edge should be equal to or greater than 0.5m from the ceiling. If the height of the ceiling is low, it can also be placed on the walls on both sides of the evacuation door. The height of the center point of the sign should be between 1.3 and 1.5 m. The height of the lower edge of the evacuation indicator using the boom shall be greater than or equal to 2 m from the ground. The evacuation sign is installed on the stairwell, the evacuation walkway and the wall below 1m at the corner (a sign is required at the corner). The spacing of the signs shall not be greater than 20 m, and the distance from the mark at the end of the bag-shaped walkway shall be less than or equal to 10 m. Evacuation signs should also be installed in closed stairwells, smoke stairwells and their front rooms, and in front of fire elevators. For the installation of the light-storing self-illuminating ground evacuation signage on the evacuation aisle, please refer to the relevant content of the standard atlas “Special Lamp Installation” (03D702-3). The evacuation route should be simple and clear. The evacuation sign lamp shall be applied to the lamp housing of the lamp housing without burning materials, and the arrow pointing of the sign shall be consistent with the direction of escape and evacuation. All installed metal components should be treated with anti-corrosion treatment. It is not possible to replace the evacuation indicator light with an evacuation sign.