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Chromoly Sheets & Plates Plate has excellent strength-to-weight ratio and tensile strength which makes it highly suitable to design high-end bicycle frames, aircraft fuselages, and racing car chassis. They are more durable and considerably stronger than standard steel and it is often used in applications where high strength is needed. Its hardenability and resistance to corrosion can be increased by the additional chrome and its toughness and resistance to temperature can be increased by the addition of molybdenum.

Because of high tensile strength, fabricators can utilize less of the steel to reduce weight, without compromising with the strength or quality of the final element. Chrome Molybdenum Steel Plate needs to be preheated prior to welding but this is not necessary if the sheet is less than 3 mm thickness. That can be welded by using MIG or TIG welding techniques. Although TIG welding is more fast, effective, and cleaner than MIG welding. When it is annealed it provides good machining and weldability properties.

Chrome Moly Plate offers better strength-to-weight ratio and higher ductility than carbon steels and it is also a more cost-effective than carbon fibre or titanium plates. They are useful high-end race cars and bikes which reduce its weight can convert to an all-important and increase it performance and speed. Chrome Moly Steel Plate hardening is very beneficial because it reduces wear and tear over the lifetime of use. It can be easily hardened by heat treating or work hardening.

By the process carburization it can also be case-hardened, where the outer side of the metal is outstandingly hardened in the same time the material retains its chemical properties. Through heat or work hardening the hardness ability to can be increased. Chrome Moly Steel Plate can be used for manufacturing excellent elements such as crankshafts and pistons which undergoes tough usage.