Hastelloy C22 wire Suppliers in India

Deep Steel Centre necessities no show; in regards to different years, we are one of the principals and by and large grounded providers of Hastelloy C22 Wires. We have been serving various clients with our overall quality and overpowering quality. Our wires come in fluctuating widths and lengths.

These wires are all around made of nickel, yet they contain different parts to varying degrees. This mix of parts in the blend of these wires picks up the compound attributes of these wires. It contains iron as the second-most open part of the wires, and it contains less carbon. This makes it free from the high possibilities of carbide development. These wires are altogether protected from contact with phosphoric acid, yet one can unquestionably utilize them with nitric acid to convey forward any application. These wires end up amazing with any of the feeble bases. Actually, even at high fixations and very high temperatures, bases can’t impact the utility of this blend. This whimsical idea turns out to be extraordinarily clearer inside when seeing chlorides and hypochlorite.


Hastelloy C22 Wires Specification:

ASTM: ASTM B 160 / ASME SB 160

Dimensions: ANSI/AWCI – 01 -1992 and ASTM E 2016-11 and RRW 360

Size: 1mm -14mm

Diameter (mm): 0.60 – 6.00

Coil weight (kg): 80-300 kgs max


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