Circuit Support Arm Manufacturer

Pigeon Medical Ventilator Circuit Support Arm is a holder that holds circuits and mouthpieces of ventilators securely in the right position for therapy on CPAP and HFNC machine. It offers full flexibility for easy adjustment but stays in place once set up on an NCPAP Machine or HFNC. Our flexible ventilator circuit holder offers 180 degrees of movement and up to four setup orientations for single limb and double limb circuits. Easy-to-use CPAP and HFNC and snap-in clips secure circuits in place. Sealed tubing protects the arm against dirt and liquids for easy maintenance. In addition,  the removable tube extension of Pigeon Medical’s ventilator circuit holder also adapts to both short and long mouthpieces and the installation kit is also included for quick setup. There are various types of Medical Circuit Support Arm for different types of ventilators, for example, neonatal ventilator circuit holder is for neonatal ventilators.