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High Precision Optical Windows China

The optical window is a double-sided parallel plane plate, which does not change the magnification of the system. Optical windows are usually used as a external protective barrier to protect optical detectors, sensors, optical lenses from the light transmission. Optical windows are commonly used in biomedicine, scientific research, underwater imaging, aerospace, optical instruments, laser optics, military defense, and other fields. We can provide you with customized optical windows made of various optical materials, such as N-BK7, H-K9L, B270, Borofloat, silicon (Si), ultraviolet quartz glass, and sapphire. . And can provide a variety of coatings in the ultraviolet (UV), visible light (VIS) or infrared (IR) range.

Commen Materials and characteristics of Precision Grade optical windows

N-BK7, H-K9L Windows

The chemical properties of N-BK7 and H-K9L are very stable, scratch and corrosion resistant. N-BK7 and H-K9L are easy to be ground and polished and is a kind of high-quality optical material. BK7 has high homogeneity, with low content of bubbles and magazines. They have good internal transmittance in the range of visible and near infrared spectrum (330 nm-2.0 µm). When the thickness of optical materials is 10mm, the internal transmittance is greater than 90%.

B270 Windows

B270 is a kind of optical glass supplied with Up-Draw Process by SCHOTT. It has high transmittance in the visible spectrum and stable chemical properties. It is supplied in large size, with a fire polished surface, and a variety of thickness specifications are available. It is suitable for commercial applications that demand low-precision thin and light substrates. It is often used as a protection device between two interfaces. B270 windows can be applied to blood analyzers, gas composition analyzers, wastewater and combustion analyzers, etc.

BOROFLOAT 33 Windows

BOROFLOAT 33 is a high-quality borosilicate glass supplied by SCHOTT, with low fluorescence intensity and high light transmittance. In addition, this optical glass composition has a low alkali content, excellent chemical resistance to strong acids, an operating temperature of up to 500 ° C, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, close to silicon. With high scratch resistance and wear resistance, high mechanical strength. BOROFLOAT 33 windows can be used in medical and biotechnology applications, high-power stage lights and high-power floodlights, sensors, observation windows, slides, lasers, etc.

Fused silica Windows

According to the spectral region, quartz glass is divided into JGS1, JGS2, JGS3 (related to the Hydroxyl Group in the material). JGS1 is Fused Silica with UV-Quality. It has high transmittance in the 180-2500nm wave band (about 93.5%). JGS2 with a transmission rate of more than 93.5% is transparent in the 220-2500 nm band. JGS3 is Fused Silica with IR-Quality. It has high transmittance in the 260-3500nm wave band.

Fused silica is resistant to high temperatures up to a maximum operating temperature of 1450 ° C; resistant to acid corrosion and hardly reacts with acids; low coefficient of thermal expansion and can withstand severe temperature changes. Fused silica windows can be used in lasers, laboratory instruments, medical instruments, security monitoring, optical communications, etc.

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