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Optical Mirrors

Optical mirrors are essential optical components designed to reflect light. Typically, they consist of plate glass coated with metal or a special preparation that serves as a reflecting surface. OST Photonics offers metal coated mirrors, dielectric coated mirrors and dichroic mirrors made from substrates such as Bk7, K9, Fused Silica, CaF2, and Sapphire. Optical mirrors play an indispensable role in various industries and research fields including medical science, semiconductor technology, astronomy, and life sciences.

What Are the Applications of Optical Mirrors?


Optical mirrors find applications in a wide range of high-tech devices, including stage laser lights, projectors, laser barcode scanners, precision optical instruments and security monitoring systems.


FAQs about Optical Mirrors

What Are The Types Of Optical Mirrors?

Optical mirrors encompass a variety of types, including metal-coated mirrors, dielectric-coated mirrors, dichroic mirrors, and others.


What Are The Key Specifications Of Optical Mirrors?

The key specifications of optical mirrors encompass material, diameter, diameter tolerance, thickness, thickness tolerance, surface quality, parallelism, surface flatness, chamfer, clear aperture and coating.