Coat Rack

A coat rack is not just a viable piece of furniture, it can also be a decorative piece to flaunt your style at home. EISHO offers a variety of coat racks suitable for both rustic and modern settings. Not taking up much space at all, the freestanding coat rack can hold a considerable number of people’s coats and hats.


Forget those days of throwing your coats, hats, purses and bags around the house and landing on any couch they can find. With a coat rack, all your belongings can finally find a home.



How to choose the right coat rack for your home

Coat racks can often become a dumping ground for handbags, coats and other junk, but the right design can help solve these clutter problems. Consider the following questions when determining which style will work best.


What are you storing? If you are primarily storing coats, look for hangers with deeper hooks to keep them from sliding off. If you need a design that can accommodate both coats and smaller accessories, consider hangers equipped with hooks on two levels or at different heights.


How much space do you have? Households with little space should consider wall-mounted shelves; the most stable freestanding options tend to have large bases that take up a lot of floor space. However, if you live in a rental property and don’t want to drill holes in the wall, a freestanding coat rack may help you keep your deposit. A freestanding coat rack has a sturdy frame resembling a knobby tree branch that twists from the floor to form a perfect tripod that can hold the weight of outdoor clothing. Whether you use this piece of clothing to hang coats or just as decoration, it will add a natural elegance to your space.