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Classification and selection of ironing boards

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Freestanding ironing board.


This ironing board has X-shaped legs, folds for storage, and is adjustable to fit people of different heights. Thanks to its portability, you can use this ironing board anywhere without restriction. Due to its simple construction and low price, it is now used by most households.


Tabletop ironing board.


A tabletop ironing board is placed on a table or countertop so that ironing clothes will not damage the table. These ironing boards have shorter legs and smaller boards, most contain an ironing board and can be folded up for storage. This is recommended if you don’t iron often and live in a small space such as a bachelor pad.


Wall-mounted ironing board.


A wall-mounted ironing board is a legless ironing board that is mounted on the wall. Wall-mounted installations usually allow you to fold the panel away when not in use. This type is suitable for installation in a dedicated space, such as a laundry room or other room. This ironing board is currently in use in most hotels, and in addition to home users, many of our project-based customers are using it as a commercial ironing board.




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